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FREE Test of Wire-Free Video Doorbell 2K



  • Power

    Did anyone also attend the doorbell free trial?

  • pete.braithwaite

    I received a D10C doorbell as a replacement for a faulty D10S but still haven't had my guard plan transferred. I have also found that it barely picks up any events (at least 10 visitors should have been detected today including 4 who pressed the doorbell yet it only picked up 1 of these and the doorbell didn't even ring.

    In addition, if I try to go into live view it can take up over a minute to connect by which time any visitor has long since left.

    Very disappointing and the lack of response from support is unbelievably poor. I have wasted hours chasing with no progress.

  • cdonelson84

    Can't sign up for the doorbell camera testing. Why not?


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