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Independence Day is coming! Gain free product with a 12-month cloud recording package now!



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  • Steve Edwards

    when I was 13 ys old,my father bring me the book United States Declaration of Independence and told me to read it,it's an amazing gift for a kid at that age.

  • Greg P.

    My favorite Independence Day was in 2003. We went on an Alaskan cruise and stopped in Skagway, Alaska, just as their 4th of July parade was beginning. We all received little flags to wave. So much fun! (I couldn’t figure out how to add a photo, so I changed my profile picture to the parade so you could see it).

  • r3volt97

    I remember back when my grandmother was around any and every holiday was spent with the ENTIRE family all 12 of my grandmothers children and their children all gathered and celebrated each and every holiday together, needless to say my grandmother was the glue of the entire family back in the day! However now that my grandmother has since then passed, now we each kinda just do our own thing, with the typical Carne Asada (the traditional Mexican way!), Patio Talks and occasionally go see fireworks or hit the Lake! And knowing my mom calling all of her siblings to come over and play loteria (bingo) and have a grand ‘ole time with laughter, coffee, and late talks with the fam! However, honestly, we don’t really need a holiday to do that we just use it as an excuse!

  • sarabnorman

    Hmm, I can’t figure out how to add photos to the comments! We we’re trying to get pregnant, before my last two children came along. After many failed attempts, we decided to get a family puppy instead. She was around 6 months when Independence Day came along. We were so excited to travel to the biggest firework show in our state at the time, go camping for the holiday weekend, spend the whole time with family, and our new furr baby. We didn’t think about how animals, particularly dogs, are terrified of fireworks! In a huge crowded area, on top of a mountain, in a very unfamiliar place, we chose to get right up close where they were letting fire works off. We sat directly under them. Our new puppy Brenna, got terrified, slipped out of her collar, took off RUNNING out of sight! My toddler son screaming for her to come back, my husband and I both running wild trying to catch her, with our toddler in a stroller, all of us with tears rolling down our faces, screaming her name.. which of course she couldn’t hear us, because the fireworks! We had asked everyone if they seen her, we had police help look, we were so broken hearted and felt so bad, for not thinking ahead that it may scare her, and thinking we will never see her again! After quite some time looking and yelling for her, we made our way back towards our vehicle. As we came around the cars parked around us, there sat Brenna beside our car, just waiting for us!! We were filled with so much joy! We couldn’t believe, especially such a young pup, with being terrified from the fireworks, she was able to find her way back to our vehicle, and she was just sitting there waiting on us! That was 13 years ago! Now brenna stays home while we go watch fireworks, and thank the lord for my blurams cameras, bc I can check on Brenna at any time, from anywhere, and make sure she is okay at home, safe and sound, while we get to leave and watch the fireworks! I was going to add a photo of her, but it doesn’t allow me to!


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