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Microphone not working on doorbell


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  • Blurams Support

    First, check whether the parameter setting camera and microphone option are open. If this option is closed, the voice on the mobile phone cannot be heard. In addition, check whether the horn icon on the client APP video monitoring page has been open and the Mute function has been open for the mobile phone device. We would recommend taking a look at this below to troubleshoot it:

    1, Go to the phone system setting, search "blurams", and turn on the Microphone option.

    2, Go to the camera setting>- Microphone to turn on it.

    3, Go to the camera live page, turn on the Speaker, then turn up the media volume.

    If still can't hear the sound from the camera, please remove the protective film, then restart the camera, If still not working, please talk closer to the camera, and provide a video for us.


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