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The camera says live but isn’t showing anything. I’m getting notifications for movement but camera is just black. I changed the connection settings to low and my wifi is at 80% but still wont show


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    Blurams Support

    If the security camera is not working or defective, please try to basically troubleshoot the issue by determining the status of the indicator.

    • The indicator light is on

    If the device indicator light is on, it means the power adapter and the power cord is fine, please try to press the set button about 10-20s until see the red light flashing, then please try to reset up the device.

    If the device indicator light is solid green or solid red light, please contact the for advice.

    • The indicator light is off

    If the device indicator is off, please try to make sure the power supply is normal and please try to use the original power adapter and power cord, If the device still can't power please note the power adapter minimum output is 5V/1A (A21C: 5V/2A), if the device indicator is on using another power adapter and power cable, it should be the defective power adapter and cord. If the device still can't show the indicator lights. Please contact the for advice.

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