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Connection failed


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  • rkahles

    I am having this exact same issue and have been for about six months straight! I don't use SD card though, I use home wifi. 

    I have a paid unlimited 7 day loop subscription for all three of my Blurams 2k cameras and they are all set up correctly. I have 5G ultra unlimited data plan through Verizon.

    The issue is, when I am away from my home and on mobile data, I can have 4 or 5 bars for 5G, but when I go to view my cameras live, I get a message about dropped or lost connection, something about mobile or wifi. 

    I can see my cameras in 2 or 3 second spurts behind the connection issue message.

    Also, the 5G icon in the top right corner of my cell phone, which is a Samsung Note 20 Ultra, constantly flashes from 5g, to it going away, then it comes back for a split second, then it goes away. When I close the Blurams app though, the 5G signal stays lit up and all my other apps that use mobile data work fine! It is only the Blurams app that does this and it is driving me crazy!

    I have called Verizon and they assure me it is something to do with the Blurams app.

    This really needs to be fixed! I need to see my cameras as they are my home security! What good are security cameras if the dang app that lets you view them constantly makes your phone drop its 5G and 4G signal!!!! I AM SO PISSED OFF AND FRUSTRATED! I have tried everything. I am a computer repair professional with over thirty years experience and if I can't fix it, it has to be something with the coding for the app!


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