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Do you or will you ever develop a camera with 5G capability?



  • Blurams Support

    Yes, of course. The 5Ghz wifi compatibility and USB type-c power slot are considered in future products. It's not a matter of if but when. We're doing market research and sending out forms to a small group of users each time with hardware investigation and improvement suggestions. The decision will depend on the result of the market research.

  • lowellmerklin

    2.4 ghz is just too slow and not powerful enough for a camera designed to monitor outside security. I have your 2.4 camera and I bought a 5 ghz camera and there’s simply no comparison. I even bought a wifi range extender but your camera just didn’t stand up to multiple events. You really need a 5 ghz outdoor camera. Other than that, I like your cameras and software. I hope you send me an email when you have a camera for exterior. I would prefer one that has ALL the available features.


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