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A31 will not connect to server


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    Blurams Support


    Thanks for contacting us. This is the Blurams customer service team, glad to provide assistance.

    We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience you've encountered. 

    Please make sure the camera is powered on and the router is working first, and try the following steps.
    Here's what to do↓

    1, Make sure the camera has finished the power-on-self-test and has stopped rotating on its own.
    2, Keep pressing the reset button till it "beeps"
    3, Please allow 20 seconds for the camera to finish the power-on-self-test before proceeding to the next step.
        Meanwhile, fire up the Blurams App and tap "+" on the top right corner, and then select A10c instead of A31. Fill in the correct Wi-Fi information.
    4, After the camera stops moving, show the QR code on the screen to the camera, if the camera doesn't respond please tap the QR code to go full screen and try again.
    5, Wait till the camera reports the result of the connection.

    If it connects successfully, please let us know.

    If it still won't connect to the server, please provide the following information to

    1, The country you're currently in.
    2, The date of the connecting attempts. 

    Have a nice day!

    Best Regards,
    Blurams Customer Service

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