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cameras not visible on my PC



  • Official comment
    Blurams Support

    Hey guys!

    This is Blurams customer service.

    We're very sorry for this incident. Recently our server had some fluctuation due to maintenance of our CSP, please don't worry. 

    Everything should be back to normal now, but if the problem still persists, please contact

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!

    Best Regards,
    Blurams Customer Service

  • brandellflores

    I'm having the same issue since 8/12. Have several support tickets in but no response.

  • stewartcammeron

    Same date for me also. 8/12

  • brandellflores

    I've sent numerous support tickets and no response at all...have you submitted a support request? They usually respond within 24 hours but it's been 3 days now. wonder what's going on with Blurams

  • jrjjr2

    Mine started working this morning.


  • brandellflores

    mine too!! thanks for the heads up! 

  • sjpoirier

    My A22C Blurams WiFi Camera is Only working on my phone not on My PC AGAIN !

    In 3 Diferent Browsers, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

    I reset it but it still the same.

    I'm getting tiered of spending hours trying to figure out what is wrong with my Camera only to find out later that the Problem was Blurams site all along.  I wish there was something to tell us that from the start.


  • jhubbs95

    mine got fixed and it's broken again today.


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